Jan 01, 2013 Staff

VIDEO: Most Popular 60-Second Solutions of 2012


Entrepreneur.com has listed their ten most popular 60 Second Solutions videos, in which experts share their best practices on a variety of small business topics. Here's the list with a few examples.

  1. 3 Ways Gamification Can Make Marketing More Fun
  2. How to Maintain a Positive Attitude As a Business Owner
  3. How to Legally Protect Your Home If Your Business Is Sued
  4. Why a Facebook Page Isn't Enough For Your Business
  5. The Biggest SEO Mistake: Spamming
  6. How Gamification Can Help Attract New Customers
  7. The Biggest Legal Mistake to Avoid in Partnerships
  8. How to Stop a Competitor from Using a Similar Business Name
  9. How to Maintain the Focus to Run a Business
  10. How Gamification Can Improve Customer and Employee Engagement

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Published by Staff January 1, 2013