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Why to Use Video in 2013


Shoppers, online users, news consumers, and nearly all others on the Web have a hearty appetite for video. In addition, marketers are realizing that video is more versatile than many initially imagined. From MarketingProfs, here are seven ways that video will make e-commerce inroads.

Curated Commerce and Video
"Curated" image galleries like Pinterest have attracted large audiences already. The logical next step is that those sites will increase their functionality for video "pinning", creating marketing opportunities for brands and businesses.

Video Shakes Up SEO
Google likely shows a preference for product videos in its search rankings. YouTube recently started giving preference to videos based on "watch time". Keeping up with other video search algorithm changes will be important to marketers.

Digital Marketers Embrace Video
Expect to see more online marketers extend videos beyond website product pages and into video email newsletters, social network embedded videos, and YouTube or Vimeo channels.

Videos Take Off in Hot E-commerce Markets
Brazil's e-commerce market grew 26% in 2011, and is expected to double by 2016. China's e-commerce sector is expected to triple in size over the next three years.

Videos Supplant Product Images
Static product images don't encourage engagement with online visitors, nor do they tell much of a brand story. A simple slideshows composed of still images and supplemented with voiceover and background music are far more engaging than a plain old image; they can deliver more information to close the sale.

Mobile Sites Embrace Videos
A properly executed marketing video can include all the details that a mobile shopper needs to make a buying decision, such as options, price, and availability. Online marketers will find that videos are more appealing to their mobile customers.

User-generated Videos Are Put to Use
Videos created by customers can be more powerful than videos created by a business. Expect marketers to brainstorm new ways to gather and make use of user-generated videos into their e-commerce storefronts.

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Published by Staff March 14, 2013