May 28, 2014 Jack Barry

Does your company's Web presence differentiate your company from the competition?

An interesting question and one that has significant impact on your company's ability to grow. The Web offers extensive opportunities to grow your business but it isn't magic, it is a tool. Like all tools you have to understand how it works and use it with skill to get the desired results. Most BtoB companies have a website and have made an effort to attract prospective customers to their site. This will undoubtedly bring traffic and new sales prospects but it is only part of the solution. When a prospective customer finds your company through search engines they generally are evaluating several companies and their solutions. They already have a perception of their problem and the criteria for solving it. In addition to the sales prospects generated by search engines your company needs sales prospects that are searching specifically for your company. When a prospective customer intentionally searches for your company they do so because they already have a positive disposition towards your company's expertise.

Market leading expertise can best be demonstrated through being articulate on the customer's problems and offering value added solutions. Your company's challenge is how to demonstrate its expertise on the Web with potential customers your company has never met.  Blogging is a proven method of establishing expertise on the Web and yet a recent study shows only 40% of companies have embarked upon a blogging program. 

Prospective customers respond to additional insights to their problems and to their problem resolution strategy. The key to effective blogging, therefore, is value added content and a frequent Web blogging presence.  If your blogs provide a prospective customer with additional perspectives on their problem and enhances their criteria for problem resolution, they will seek your company for a solution. By positively influencing the resolution criteria of potential customers your company substantially improves its position to obtain new customers and provide customer satisfaction. 

The study also revealed that BtoB companies that blogged got 67% more leads than companies that didn't.

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Published by Jack Barry May 28, 2014