What is Google + and Why it Matters

Posted by Fri,May 02, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

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Google + is often considered Google’s answer to the social media giant, Facebook. Unfortunately, many people look at Google + as an inferior platform, even though it has millions and millions of users. However, Google + is actually an excellent social network that has a lot of benefits and advantages that other social sites do not have. In fact, if you don’t have Google + for business, then you should.  Google + provides companies with a huge amount of ways to increase brand awareness and loyalty. The following are a few reasons why Google + for business is an absolute must:


  • Integration – Google has a number of other platforms and services that benefit the business community, which means that Google + offers the best integration of all of these services. For example, you can seamlessly integrate Google’s search engine, YouTube and Gmail with your Google + page.
  • Google + Circles – Circles is an incredible feature for businesses. Basically, everytime you add a contact on Google +, you’ll be able to add them to a circle, such as a co-worker circle, a friends circle, a family circle and so on. This type of sub-categorizing is perfect for a business. This is because you’ll be able to share content tailored to specific circles. For example, if you run a pet food company, then an article about cats isn’t going to be relevant to all of your followers since many of your followers probably have different pets. With Google +, you’ll be able to designate cat owners into one circle, dog owners into another and so on. This allows you to share your content about cats only with your circle of cat owner fans.
  • Google + Hangout – Hangout is another great feature that is very similar to a webinar. Hangout is a free video chat platform that lets you hold video chats with an unlimited amount of people from your Google + for business account. Not only can you broadcast in real time, you can also save it to your YouTube channel. Hangout is a great way to engage with your consumers by holding Q and A sessions or by unveiling new products or services.

Google + Circles, Hangout and easy integration are all reasons why you should be jumping on the Google + bandwagon in order to promote your brand and engage with your consumers.

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