Nov 08, 2019 Jack Barry

SEO vs. PPC: Which Should You Use?

Should online marketers invest in PPC (pay-per-click advertising) or SEO (search engine optimization)? Each has its place. Use PPC if you have an innovative product that people aren't searching for (because they don't yet know what it is), or if you're gearing up for a launch (SEO takes too much time). If you’re trying to flip a website, however, then SEO makes more sense because PPC benefits tend to fade over time without constant effort. You can also use these methods in tandem, e.g., buy Facebook Ads to build awareness (PPC), but then target keywords through SEO. In short, neither PPC nor SEO is superior. Either can be used depending on the circumstances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search Engine Optimization can increase traffic by raising your websites rank in search engines.
  • Pay-per-click advertising allows the user to customize ads for particular demographics.
  • Pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization can be used together for optimal affect.

"The challenging part about SEO is that you can’t pay to appear here. Search engines have algorithms that calculate the quality and relevance of your page and rank you accordingly."

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Published by Jack Barry November 8, 2019