Feb 06, 2010 Jack Barry

B2B Lead Generation - Plan to Succeed

B2B Lead Generation
If you are responsible for B2B lead generation, you probably have a hungry sales team to feed.  But do you know how many leads you will need to meet sales targets? If you don’t know, you’re less likely to hit your goals.  
Try putting together a basic plan to tie your marketing campaigns to sales objectives.  By using a few simple calculations you can better understand:
  • The # of impressions you’ll need
  • The number of leads you need
  • Whether or not your are on track to hit your goals

Here’s how:  First, calculate the number of customers you’ll need to generate. 

For what timeframe do you want to generate this estimate?



What’s your revenue goal for this timeframe?



How much does an average customer spend in this timeframe?



Total number of customers needed (A/B)



Now estimate the % of leads that become customers.  (If you don’t know this figure, the head of your sales team should – or use the calculation below.)

Number of new leads you generated in the last 6 months



Number of customers generated from those leads



% of leads that become customers (E/D)



Now you can project how many leads and impressions you’ll need from your campaigns in this period:

Number of leads you’ll need (C/F)



Average response rate you get from your campaigns (as a %)



Number of impressions you’ll need to generate (G/H)



It’s a simple formula but it’s a starting point.  When you set up your campaigns with a focus on the end result -- customers & revenue -- you’re in a better position to hit your goals.  And if you’re falling short, you can make adjustments to:

  1. Increase impressions
  2. Improve response rates
  3. Improve conversion rates
Published by Jack Barry February 6, 2010