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Although many people still associate the Internet with eCommerce sites and "Internet marketing gurus", many of the recent marketing success stories have come from B2B companies.

Personally, I think this due to a variety of factors:

  • Most B2B companies still don't understand how to leverage the Internet.  This means the online competition in many markets is not that significant or sophisticated...yet!

  • Most B2B companies sell a higher ticket item and therefore the sales process takes longer and is more highly scrutinized.  This scenario is perfectly suited for an inbound marketing strategy for generating leads at the research stage of the buying process.

  • Technology features such as lead management, lead nurturing and lead intelligence can provide much needed support to the sales team in prioritizing their selling efforts and identifying hot leads.  

Below is a link to a case study of another successful software company implementing Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

Read the full case study here

Jack Barry

Written by Jack Barry