Mar 30, 2010 Jack Barry

Tips for Lead Capture Forms on Your Website

The first tip for lead capture forms on your website is easy...get one!  If you're not asking visitors to take some action on your website, then the chances are...they aren't. 

Traffic and search engine rankings are great but they don't pay the bills.  Since our goal is leads and sales, our first transaction is typically a lead generation form. 

Here are a few basic ideas to get started:

  • An order form
  • Newsletter signup
  • White paper download form
  • Webinar signup (on your site or that of a technology partner)
  • A "contact us" form
Each and every form should be consistent with your brand promise & value proposition.  Are they?  

If you're not absolutely positive, set aside some time today for testing.  Pretend you're a prospect and visit every form on your site.
  1. Look at the number of fields and the type of information you are asking for.  As a prospect, do you think you're making a fair trade for your time and data?  Be honest.
  2. How's the writing?  Is it consistent with the rest of your site? 
  3. Is the layout friendly or clunky?  It should look as great as the rest of your site.  
  4. Submit your data and look at your thank-you page.  This is precious real estate.  Here, you have a terrific opportunity to keep building your message and relationship on this page.  Are you taking advantage of that opportunity?
  5. Review the fulfillment email.  Again, does it look, feel and sound as good as it should?
Published by Jack Barry March 30, 2010