Are You Creating Marketing Assets for Your Business?

Posted by Jack Barry on Tue,Oct 12, 2010 @ 04:56 PM

Contando Dinheiro One of the things that makes inbound marketing strategies and tactics so powerful is that it creates assets for your business.  When you run a print ad, commercial or direct mail campaign, it's a one-time event.  You take the results of your campaign and that's over.

But with Inbound Marketing, the campaign assets are in place forever.  Each indexed page on your website, each blog post, each article, each link, etc. adds value to the process. Each piece of content that is published online creates another opportunity for prospects to find you. It's sort of like having lot's of little sales people working for you...but they never sleep (or ask for a raise). 

And the benefits of creating marketing assets are exponential.  It's sort of like compound interest for your money in the bank.  The more of it you have, the more value it produces for you.

So if you are considering making an investment in some type of sales/marketing, ask yourself if it will create long term assets for your business or whether it will be a "one and done" campaign.

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, B2B Lead Generation

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