Content Marketing vs. Copywriting

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From a traditional standpoint, content marketing is the creation of valuable content with a marketing purpose (e.g. blogs, white papers). Copywriting is content designed to get the reader to  take a specific action (e.g. sales pages, direct mail). However, the author of the attached article contends that when done correctly, content marketing and copywriting are one and the same.

Effective copywriting is necessary to get people to read good content. If you have good content but no traffic, it may be due to ineffective copywriting like:
  • Headlines that are not compelling.
  • Headlines that are too clever without communicating benefit.
  • Content that isn't inherently rewarding.
  • Content that doesn't build trust.
  • No clear, specific call to action.
But great copywriting alone isn't enough. Content marketing needs to keep the following in mind:
  • Be generous with your content.
  • Don't make your content look like an ad.
  • Don't make your content for SEO purposes.
Combine strategic copywriting with great content to get the best of both worlds.

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