Reasons to be Cautious with Facebook Marketing

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Facebook has become a staple in the marketing industry, essential to most business strategies. But marketing on Facebook is not without caveats. From, some things to keep in mind when developing your strategy.

Forget control in this hierarchy; Facebook is king
When a company page is created, one user becomes its administrator. If that employee leaves or changes positions, a logistical problem arises. If the page administrator decides to disable his/her personal Facebook account, the company page goes away too. If Facebook views page activity as suspicious, it may disable every associated account, resulting in the loss of all pages, fans, content and ads. Re-enabling an account can be a bureaucratic black hole.

Facebook can can change features at the drop of a hat
At any time, Facebook can change its layout, application programming interface or setup. If Facebook goes down, users have little recourse.

Facebook doesn't make money for its people skills
Facebook offers no customer service options for disgruntled users. They don't have phone service or a public support email address. No matter how much a company spends on ads, they have no representative to contact about their account.

Though Facebook doesn't own your content, it owns access to it
Once content goes on Facebook, that content can be used however Facebook chooses. If an account is disabled, accessing its information is impossible.

Your content isn't protected or saved anywhere
Some companies are built with Facebook as the sole foundation of their business. Obviously, for those companies, Facebook represents a single point of failure. If a problem results in a loss of content, Facebook, per their policies, won't value you over $100.

The fine print changes every day
Facebook has the authority to change its policies, terms of agreement, and codes of conduct for any reason, at any time. Users have no choice but to accept the changes.

If your social media marketing strategy is dominated by Facebook, consider diversifying your investment in other strategies.

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