Social Media Cliches That Work

Posted by Thu,Mar 24, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Buzzwords and cliches exist within any hot business trend, and social media is no different. But some cliches are workable, good advice. From IBM's CMO Site, social media marketing cliches that actually get results.

The biggest of social media marketing cliches, "engagement" is critical. Companies can't just send out their message, they must have conversations in the market, listen to customers and prospects, and respond.

Use social media and reputation monitoring tools to follow key market influencers and keep track of what people are saying. Use that information to make business decisions.

Give Back
Constant self-promotion is off-putting. Publicize others and their messages through retweets. Do favors. Support charities.

Go Viral
Viral video can dramatically increase brand exposure. You can't plan for this, but you can increase your chances of it happening.

Markets Are Conversations
Marketers no longer send one-way messages into the marketplace. Marketing is now a discussion that involves listening and reacting to what you hear.

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