Ways to Generate Blog Comments

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Marcus Sheridan at The Sales Lion shares his tips for not only generating a lot of comments on your blog posts, but also generating quality comments.

"Stir Up the Pot"
Make the reader think, ask questions and WANT to respond with their own opinions. Remember that as with most social media, you're starting a conversation.

"Don’t See Comments as a One-Way Street"
Comments aren't a place for the author to bask in the glory of a well written piece. A blog community wants to have a conversation.

"Actively Comment Everywhere"
Commenting on other blogs builds awareness and encourages reciprocation. Make it a point to comment on other blogs everyday

"Use CommentLuv and ReplyMe"
These plug-ins used in conjunction with the standard WordPress comment box enhance ease of use and make for richer commenting.

"Let Your Articles Simmer"
Allowing more time in between posts ensures that comments and conversations have a chance to build.

"Be a Thought Leader"
Master your niche. Discuss issues no one else covers. It's a matter of seeing the world just a little differently.

"Be Very Opinionated"
Take a stong stand, whatever your topic/niche.

"Look to Give Value to Others at Every Turn"
Promoting other people in a thoughtful way is a great way to get the same consideration in return.

"Use GREAT Headlines"
Given the barrage of information that most readers shift through on a daily basis, articles with boring, lousy titles probably won't stand out above the noise.

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"
Explicitly invite your readers to comment.

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