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From the Hubspot Blog, here's a look at how online retailer Daily Grommet uses video to tell stories about its products.

"Put the People First"
When thinking about ways to create remarkable content, showcase people and tell human-interest stories. Video is the best medium for emotional connection and often leads to deeper engagement.

"Crowd-source Video In Simple Ways"
Authenticity is more important than production values, so start small and keep it simple.

"Use Social Media to Engage the Community"
Create buzz around your project via forums and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

"Stay Cost-effective"
The audience for online video doesn't expect it to look and feel as polished as broadcast media. Quick and efficient content creation doesn't require a large investment.

"Optimize for SEO"
Include keyword-rich titles, tags and descriptions when uploading content to video-sharing platforms. Search engines prioritize video over other types of content.

"Allow Others to "Own" Your Videos"
Videos should be social-media friendly and offered under a Creative Commons license. This will encourage back-linking.

"Keep It Short"
Audience attention continues to be a limited resource for marketers, so keep videos short and focused.

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