Seven Online Marketing Sins

Posted by Thu,May 26, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

David Chapman on MarketingProfs gives seven tips on how to improve and evaluate online marketing campaigns by avoiding the following mistakes, each based on Snow White's seven dwarfs.

Don't be uninformed about what's new in online marketing. Either stay up-to-date yourself, or hire someone to do the research for you. You need to utilize the latest tools to be successful.

Stay observant. Constantly analyze your results. You need to stay vigilant to understand if your campaign is working and what areas need to be changed.

Online advertising does require a dispassionate and analytical approach some of the time. However, don't ignore your creative and artistic instincts. Remember that people don't always behave in a predictable manner.

Be kind and welcoming to potential customers. You need to do more than just cynically trying to move units. Make sure your content is upbeat and your website is easy to navigate.

Tout yourself. Share your talents and successes.

Stay alert. Even if your online marketing efforts are enjoying tremendous success, avoid complacency. Keep moving forward. Be ambitious.

Sneezy never solved the problem of his cold. If you aren't having success with your efforts, find out why. Then do something about it.

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