The Four C's of Content Marketing

Posted by Thu,Jul 21, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Michael Dortch on the CMO Site outlines the goal of the four C's of online content marketing, as well as questions to ask yourself about your preparedness.

Goal: Create or find quality content, including landing pages and email copy.
  • Can IT support content creation and management tools?
  • Can IT and Legal provide security and protection for you company's intellectual property?
  • Are you using multiple tools? Can IT measure their adoption and effectiveness?
  • Are channel and other marketing partners able to share content easily and securely?

Goal: Support conversation on multiple social networks, and manage each interaction across multiple platforms.
  • Have you (with IT and Legal) developed and deployed policies for protecting your company's reputation and private information on social networks?
  • How are you measuring the effectiveness and updating these policies?

Goal: Make content and conversations compelling regardless of platform.
  • Are you committed to delivering optimal experiences to every user, regardless of platform?
  • Have you developed a strategy for doing so with IT?
  • Have you decided with Legal how to protect, track and manage access to corporate IP across all user platforms?
  • How does your website and marketing content look on smartphones and tablets? How do your competitors' look?

Goal: Turn marketing content into more customers, leads, revenues, profit, and positive perception.
  • Are you able to pull valuable data from your content and online experience management solutions? Are you able to turn that data into useful analysis and reports?
  • How will senior management get and give the best information to drive company decisions?

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