Oct 11, 2011 Staff

The State of Social Media and Blogging

Jeff Bullas has posted ten marketing insights from a recent study by Nielsen on social media and blogging.
  • Facebook is overwhelmingly the leader in user engagement, as measured by amount of time spent online. Users of the next closest competitor (Yahoo) spend less than a third as much time there as they do on Facebook.TimeOnline resized 600
  • Americans spend most of their Internet time (22.5%) on social networks and blogs.
  • The majority of visitors to social networks and blogs are female and are aged 18-34.
  • Women are in the majority of visitors to eight of the top 10 social networks. The notable exception is LinkedIn, largely due to the greater number of men in management roles.
  • Facebook has the most unique visitors per month, by a large margin.
  • Facebook (140.336 million)
  • Blogger (50.055 million)
  • Twitter (23.617 million)
  • WordPress (22.417 million)
  • MySpace (19.25 million)
  • LinkedIn (17.786 million)
  • Tumblr (11.87 million)
  • Six Apart Typepad (8.578 million)
  • Yahoo Pulse (8.397 million)
  • Wikia (7.601 million)
  • Social media use on smartphones is growing and now the second most used feature after downloading and playing music.
  • After games and weather applications, social networking apps are the third most use app category.SocialApps resized 600
  • The fastest growing segment of social media use on mobile devices is among the over-55 age group (109% growth). Compare that to the growth in the 35-54 age group (68% growth) and the 18-34 group (61% growth).
  • Social media users are more likely to be spenders and influencers.InfluentialSocialMedia resized 600
  • Tumblr has tripled in audience in the last 12 months and is now the 8th largest social network.

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Published by Staff October 11, 2011