The State of Social Media in 2011

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Jeff Bullas has analyzed and summarized a report from comScore on social media. Here are his top 10 takeaways.

Social Media is the World’s Most Popular Online Activity
  • 82% of the world's online population get social networking sites
  • 19% of all time spent online is on social networking sites (up from 6% in 2007)
Social Networking Transcends and Reflects Regional Differences

Facebook’s Importance Cannot be Overstated
  • Third largest web property behind Google and Microsoft sites
  • Reaches 55% of the world's audience
  • Accounts for 3 of every 4 minutes spent on social networking
Micro Blogging is a Disruptive Force
  • Twitter has grown 59% the past year
  • Tumblr has grown 172% the past year
  • Sina Weibo has grown 181% the past year
Regional Global Networks are Going Global

Social Networking is for “Everyone” – Not Just the Young
  • 55 and older is the fastest growing segment in social networking usage
Communications is going Social
  • Social networking communications could become the most  important communication channel across all age groups over time
Social Media Advertising Needs to Be Taken Seriously
  • While only 15% of advertising spending is on social network sites, it makes up one in four of all display ad impressions.
The “Next” Disrupters Are Still Being Decided
  • Ones to watch include Google+, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Badoo and Pinterest
Mobile Devices are Fuelling Social Addiction
  • 64% of smartphone users access social networking sites at least once a month
  • 22% of smartphone users access social networking sites at least once a day
  • 22% of smartphone users use location-based check-in services

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