Jan 17, 2012 Staff

Getting More ROI from Your Blog

Hubspot has a list of ways that you can benefit more from your blog's content marketing efforts. See the original article for more details.

  1. Include internal links with relevant phrases.
  2. Insert calls-to-action.
  3. Optimize your title.
  4. Ensure you're using header tags within the content.
  5. Format content for readability.
  6. Insert research and data points.
  7. Add tweet links to interesting data.
  8. Include social sharing buttons.
  9. Include social subscription buttons.
  10. Tag your posts.
  11. Categorize and archive content by topic, not date.
  12. Write meta data.
  13. Proof for grammar, spelling, and wordiness.
  14. Insert optimized images.
  15. Include an author byline.
  16. Optimize your URL architecture.

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Published by Staff January 17, 2012