Feb 02, 2012 Staff

Using Social Media for Instant Feedback

Social media gives inbound marketers quick feedback that can be turned around to further business objectives. From Hubspot, here are seven ways to leverage your social networks to meet marketing and business goals.

Collect Product Feedback
New product introduction results in a lot of feedback, some of it pointing out legitimate user experience and design issues. You can also solicit feedback from trusted sources prior to launch. Social media networks typically include current customers, prospects, target customers, and industry influencers.

Host a Focus Group
Social media is effective at segmenting focus groups. Google+ circles can segment by industry or location.

Conduct Surveys and Polls
Request that members of your social network share their opinions via surveys or polls. Link participation to a reward.

Ask Industry Experts
Social media is used by many to expand and strengthen their networks. Take advantage of that be getting answers from the best in your networks.

Source Blog Content
Develop topic ideas be soliciting your network for common challenges that they face.

Develop Personas
Developing personas is a crucial part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Question your social networks to narrow down your audience and create a persona.

Monitor Brand Mentions
Monitor both your brand and the competition. Offer customer support and feedback, regardless of whether they contacted you.

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Published by Staff February 2, 2012