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Try Unique Content Types

Successful inbound marketing requires the regular creation of quality content. Blogs and social media are a big part of that content creation, but the same type of content, over and over, can bore your prospects. From the Hubspot Blog, here are 14 underutilized content types to give a try.

Animated GIFs
Easy to make, GIFs have been around awhile, and can add an interesting visual element to your marketing content.

Funny cartoons that are relatable to people in your industry will garner more social shares than the average text update. They also stay popular on the web longer than other inbound links.

Concept/Content Visualizations
Visualizations can more easily explain abstract or difficult-to-understand concepts that are hard to describe through text.

Controversial Content
Controversy is compelling, because it stirs up emotion, inspires passion and motivates action. Back up your opinions with supporting arguments. Don't stir up controversy just for the sake of controversy.

Livestreaming Video
Excellent for real-time social engagement. Record your livestream and make it available for on-demand viewing.

Embedded Tweets
Promote your social media presence right on your website site. If you have users who are tweeting positively about your company, you should be showing it off.

Event Information
Have a webpage dedicated to events your company will be attending in the foreseeable future.

Eye-catchingly colorful, use infographics for almost any subject to illustrate data-based or process-based information.

Adapt current popular memes for your own marketing purposes.

Music Videos
Videos are excellent for branding and brand awareness.

Original Data
Survey your customer base, or partner with a research firm to help you collect the data and pull together a research report on the findings, and release it as a new offer.

Podcasts are great for people who want to learn while commuting or traveling.

SlideShare Presentations
Share your internal presentations (sans company secrets) with the general public.

User-Generated Content
Leverage the content created by passionate fans of your brand. Use testimonials or incentivize the creation of content.

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Published by Staff July 5, 2012