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Content Marketing Mistakes

Content blogging has become a booming market, and yet, many small businesses struggle to fully take advantage of their expensive content. From, here are six content marketing mistakes to avoid in order to get the most out of your content.

Mistake 1 - Not Having a Plan
Most firms have little more than a short term plan that includes their next few blog posts or webpage additions. To go beyond your next few weeks of content, look at the big picture, determine how your content is adding value, make sure your content leads customers to and through the sales funnel, and track responses to your content for continuous improvement.

Mistake 2 - Wrong Purpose
"The goal of content writing is to spread valid professional advice about a topic that relates to your business." Avoid thinking that content is somehow about the writer, a random topic or a selling point. Know your audience, and write topics they want to read. The goal is to create value, not get a quick sell.

Mistake 3 - Lack of Professionalism
It should go without saying that content needs to be grammatically correct, clear and valid. Content should also be interesting, engaging and meaningful.

Mistake 4 - Incorrect Usage of Social Media
Not using social media at all leaves a lot of potential marketing benefits on the table. Overuse social media, and it can become your sole content marketing effort. Be consistent with your social media use, across all networks. Make it easy for readers to share your content by using social media buttons on your site.

Mistake 5 - Improper SEO
Improving your search engine rankings is one of the main reasons to do content marketing. But you need to be aware of the latest SEO techniques. Consider hiring an SEO expert to help draft a content policy that incorporates SEO best-practices.

Mistake 6 - Untapped Resources
Find ways to incorporate your business’s specific strengths and expertise into your content to make it unique. Employees can be tapped for ideas or to do the actual writing. Content should set your company apart.

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Published by Staff September 4, 2012