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Online Marketing Trends for 2013


Online marketing in 2012 was dominated by mobile, big brands and Google updates. Entrepreneur.com has a list of ten online marketing trends to look for in 2013.

"A surge in second screen value."
Mobile screens represent value to marketers. To realize that value, mobile offerings need to move beyond easy of use and searchability and offer new information and resources.

"The evolution of attribution modeling."
Expect to be able to assign a specific value to a marketing action that results in a conversion. This will evolve into creative approaches to tracking how channels affect each other.

"The rise of gamification."
Applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging will reach a tipping point.

"An increased focus on inbound marketing."
More budgets will be allocated to create content, conversations and valuable resources that draw customers to their products or websites without paid marketing.

"Improved data visualizations."
Complex data sets will be visualized in easy to understand formats that are worth sharing.

"More loyalty marketing."
Typically, acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones. In addition, given the ease that consumers can share their opinions on social media, marketers must find ways to make them feel appreciated and satisfied.

"Brands as social influencers."
Brands will continue to grow their communities and the reach of their voice, opinions and products.

"More analytics."
Marketers will seek new ways to prioritize and optimization their many opportunities.

"Design is king."
Beautiful design has never been so affordable and in demand, and the need to stand out will raise the bar for web design.

"Local marketing goes mainstream."
Local companies have never before had so many affordable tools available to understand how to improve local search results, engage with customers and measure their success.

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Published by Staff January 31, 2013