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SLIDESHOW: Clickable Calls-to-Action Tips


Calls-to-action (CTA) motivate and direct your visitors to take a desired action, and as such, they are a critical inbound marketing tool. From the Hubspot blog, here's a slideshow about CTA best practices.


  1. Use valuable and actionable copy on buttons like "Download Now" instead of "submit".
  2. Place CTAs above the fold within the visitor's “eye path.”
  3. Use bold, contrasting colors in your CTAs.
  4. Make your CTAs big and bold.
  5. Make your CTAs look “clickable” and button-like.
  6. Use CTAs that relate to the content on the existing page, or align with the buyer’s interests and needs.
  7. Make your CTAs clear, simple, and uncluttered.
  8. Use compelling and actionable copy that conveys the value being offered.
  9. Set the right expectations about what visitors will receive.
  10. Direct each CTA to its own dedicated landing page that restates the offer.
  11. Use only one primary and one secondary CTA.
  12. Use data or testimonials to validate your proposition.
  13. Place a CTA in everything you do.
  14. A/B test your CTAs to know what design, copy, and placement works best.
  15. Add keyword-rich ALT tags so your CTA adds search value to the page.
  16. Use CTAs that are mobile-optimized so any device can see them.
  17. CTAs should offer something of value.
  18. Use personalization and dynamic content.
  19. Utilize plenty of white space around a CTA to make sure it stands out.
  20. Master the copy of CTAs as opposed to the design.

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Published by Staff April 18, 2013