May 02, 2013 Staff

SLIDESHOW: Pearls of Wisdom From Marketing Experts


Modern marketers must stay on top of content creation, messaging, branding, budget, and industry trends. From the Hubspot blog, here's a slideshow with twenty tidbits of wisdom from marketing experts and industry thoughts leaders on how to be an effective marketer.


  1. All we need to do is pay attention and deliver.
  2. Love data.
  3. Hold on tight, the rate of change in social media, online, and in mobile marketing is only accelerating.
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected.
  5. Think of it more as publishing instead of marketing.
  6. There are only two kinds of companies: brave and dead.
  7. The tools have almost nothing to do with the true power of social media.
  8. Information is so much more valuable if people are opting to share it with you.
  9. Focus on creating value to customers and building a long-term relationship.
  10. If you read fiction, you will naturally create marketing people love.
  11. Meet and make new connections with people from all around the world enabled by the power and magic of social media.
  12. Social media is so much more than a band-aid for responding to customer complaints and issuing apologies.
  13. Don't try to do it all.
  14. Be genuine -- we like that sort of thing, and reward it.
  15. Social media is about identity, as opposed to search, which is a utility.
  16. Every piece of your content should be excellent; enough that customers are compelled to share it.
  17. Focus on inbound marketing.
  18. Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account is an invitation to converse with your prospects, customers, and leads.
  19. Win the hearts and minds of customers with marketing that intersects with a customer's lifestyle, needs, and interests.
  20. Stop selling. Start helping.

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Published by Staff May 2, 2013