May 09, 2013 Staff

SLIDESHOW: Disruptive Inbound Marketing Discoveries


Hubspot surveyed 3,339 marketing professionals from 128 countries to share their perspectives on everything from strategy and organizational alignment to budget and channel management. From the Hubspot blog, here's a presentation with ten inbound discoveries from the report that will disrupt marketing forever.

  1. Inbound marketing is being taken seriously by the industry, and it’s gaining traction.
  2. Inbound delivers on ROI promises, providing more and cheaper leads.
  3. While inbound is on the rise, traditional marketing is fading.
  4. There’s opportunity to better define, measure, and track marketing activities.
  5. Establishing an agreement with Sales is as important -- possibly more so -- as simply measuring the effectiveness of inbound.
  6. Content is a critical, but not considered a standalone, inbound marketing component.
  7. Inbound has shifted where marketers spend resources, and enables them to work smarter.
  8. It’s a great time to be a customer.
  9. It’s also a great time to be an inbound marketer -- if you are up for the challenge.
  10. Overall, inbound marketing works when it is integrated with your strategy, not as a side project.

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Published by Staff May 9, 2013