Feb 08, 2010 Jack Barry

SMB Lead Generation

Is there any better small business lead generation strategy than inbound marketing?  Think about the marketing challenges that most small businesses face:

  1. Lack of reach - they don't have big lists of prospects, large sales forces or well performing reseller channels.
  2. Constrained Budget - they don't have the deep pockets for mass media in order reach a large number of people
  3. Timing - even if they do reach the right person, it has to be at the right time.  After all, people buy when their ready to buy...not when you need to sell something. 

Inbound marketing addresses all of these issues:

  1. Expanded Reach & Leverage - with the Internet, web 2.0 and social media, reach is virtually endless and many times you can leverage communities that already exist without having to start from scratch.
  2. Brains vs. Budget - with inbound marketing, brains and creativity are more important than budget.  
  3. Timing - an inbound marketing strategy focuses on getting found by customers already searching.  This allows prospects and customers to find you when they need someting.  This not only solves the timing problem but also puts you in a much better position as a trusted authority vs. a pesky salesperson.  

SMB Lead Generation
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Published by Jack Barry February 8, 2010