Jan 17, 2013 Staff

Most Helpful Small Business Stories of 2012


From Entrepreneur.com, here are the ten stories that readers found the most valuable for small business leaders.

  1. Scary Online Security Mistakes to Avoid - tips to protect your information from hackers
  2. 12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur - traits that might be considered liabilities, but which can actually be indications of entrepreneurship
  3. 7 Key Habits of Super Networkers - tips to develop and nurture valuable business relationships
  4. Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business From Home - establishing proper boundaries between work and personal life
  5. Secrets to Cold Calling Success - tips to overcome fears
  6. 5 Ways You Can Be Happier at Work Right Now - a guide to improving your mood and performance
  7. 6 Simple Solutions for Getting Rid of Stress - tips for easing stress in your day-to-day interactions
  8. 7 Effective Ways to Promote Free Shipping - building customer loyalty with free shipping
  9. 5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation - protecting your reputation online
  10. 12 Powerfully Inspiring Quotes From Zig Ziglar - tips from the famous salesman

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Published by Staff January 17, 2013