INFOGRAPHIC: Online Testing Essentials

Posted on Mon,Aug 08, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

From KISSmetrics, here's an infographic the shows how to test and optimize your sales funnel.

Source: Online Testing Essentials: An infographic on what online marketing activities to test.

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INFOGRAPHIC: B2B Lead Nurturing Guide

Posted on Wed,Jul 20, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

From the Evidence Based Marketing Blog, here's an infographic that shows how to go from B2B lead to close in 60 days.

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Lead Nurturing Cookbook

Posted on Wed,Mar 23, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Manticore is providing a free download of The Lead Nurturing Cookbook on its Funnel Focus blog. The eBook provides seven "recipes" for creating effective lead nurturing programs.

  • Demand Generation
  • Inbound Lead Qualification
  • Extended Lead Nurturing
  • Sales-Driven Lead Nurturing
  • Tradeshow Lead Follow-up
  • Customer Education
  • Revival Lead Nurturing

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Salesperson Time Investment

Posted on Thu,Mar 03, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

How do most salespeople invest their time? This review of the 2011 Sales Optimization Survey from CSO Insights, indicates that much of their time isn't spent selling. The survey collecting data from over 2000 companies on more than 100 sales effectiveness metrics. Here are some highlights:

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2011 B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook

Posted on Wed,Mar 02, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

MarketingSherpa is offering a handbook that guides marketers through their FUEL methodology for B2B marketing. The 2011 B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook walks you through establishing a detailed B2B Marketing strategy to increase your contribution to sales pipelines and revenues.

  • Find and attract leads
  • Uncover qualified leads
  • Establish automated marketing processes
  • Lift results
10 Questions Answered in the Handbook:
  1. How can I address the top challenges facing B2B marketers?
  2. Who are you targeting? Identifying buyer personas.
  3. What are the best tactics in content development?
  4. What are the steps to creating an effective webinar strategy?
  5. How can you generate leads with a social media strategy?
  6. Is bad data hurting your business? Database quality and maintenance.
  7. How do you define a qualified lead?
  8. What do you ask when selecting an automation platform?
  9. What are the best tactics for delivering marketing value?
  10. What are the best tactics for improving marketing and sales analysis?
Benefits of the Handbook:
  • Improving any part of the marketing/sales funnel
  • Marketing to a growing number of people in the buying process
  • Generating high quality leads, lead scoring, lead nurturing
  • Creating high quality marketing content and messaging
  • Inbound and Outbound marketing tactics
  • Establishing an automated marketing process
  • Marketing analysis and analytics
Order/Download the Handbook Here

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B2B Marketing Automation from a CMO Perspective

Posted on Tue,Mar 01, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

MarketingSherpa's special report addressing how CMOs use marketing automation, is available for free download. The report is the result of research conducted with almost 300 senior marketing decision makers. It focuses on in-depth analysis of the processes CMOs are using to optimize their marketing-sales pipelines, as well as implementation of the software applications that enable automation.

Contents of the report include:
  • CMO Challenges
    • B2B challenges increasing in pertinence
    • Marketing to a growing number of people involved in the buying process
    • Marketing to a lengthening sales cycle
  • Marketing Automation Maturity
    • Establishing marketing automation maturity
    • Case briefing: Marketing automation leads to 190% sales conversion increase
  • Marketing Automation KPIs
    • Benchmarking marketing automation performance
  • Recommended Actions
    • Identify funnel stages and definitions
    • Establish and optimize lead scoring and management methodologies
    • Develop and optimize lead nurturing campaigns
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Download a Free Copy of Sales 2.0 for Dummies

Posted on Thu,Feb 24, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

Sales 2.0 is about the shift that has taken place in Sales and Marketing as a result of the rapidly changing ways customer relationships are managed via the Web. This free book (you may download a .pdf or request a paper copy) is an introduction to the key concepts of Sales 2.0 and associated Web-base technologies.

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Questions about Email Marketing

Posted on Wed,Feb 16, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

Following a HubSpot webinar on the topic of email marketing, here are answers to some of the most common questions.
  • Will social media take over email marketing? - Probably not. While some companies have dropped email marketing in favor of social media, others, like GroupOn, continue to have a lot of success with it. Really, it depends on your target audience.
  • Tips for email subject lines? - Avoid spam-trigger words. Keep consistent with your branding.
  • Call-to-action placement? - Test different placements. Experiment with different forms (e.g. hyperlinks vs. buttons).
  • What email software to use? - Make a decision based on the complexity needed, your price limits, other specifics to your situation.
  • How do you avoid seeming like spam? - Convey real, meaningful value. Nurture rather than sell in the email.
  • How do you stand out and get your email read? - Take advantage of brand recognition. Become anticipated by introducing a series of offers.
  • Are open rates important? - Open rates aren't a reliable metric, nor are they accurate.
  • HTML or Text Email? - Companies have success with both. Consider mobile-friendly emails which tend to be text-based with fewer images.
  • Message length? - Shorter is generally better and more mobile friendly, but the message needs to be long enough to give enough context about the offer.
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Also see A 7 Step Guide to Email Deliverability
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Lead Generation Trends for 2011

Posted on Tue,Feb 15, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

A presentation from Dave Green, Director of Best Practices at MECLABS, outlines how to deliver quality leads on a tight budget in the current business environment.

Key Points from the Presentation:
  • B2B marketers overwhelming said that generating high quality leads was their greatest challenge.
  • Lead nurturing and scoring depends on content.
  • Relevant content-nurturing requires good data.
  • Eight of ten marketers give raw leads directly to sales.
  • Sales prospecting costs more than most expect.
  • Lead generation scales sales.
  • Sales-ready leads increase revenue capacity, profits and growth.
  • The right metrics can improve forecasting and drive continuous funnel improvement.
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How to Ramp Up Marketing Automation

Posted on Mon,Feb 14, 2011 @ 12:00 PM

Marketing automation is intended to prevent prospects from falling through the cracks via lead nurturing, scoring and monitoring. Many marketers though, may not be taking full advantage of the available technologies. The author of the attached article suggests companies think big but start simple and progress through three stages.

Stage 1 - Crawl: Establish Online Conversations
  • Improve deliverability
  • Capture data more efficiently
  • Develop personas and related content
Stage 2 - Walk: Integrate Campaigning
  • Behavioral tracking
  • Multitouch campaigns
  • Message timing
Stage 3 - Run: Automate the Process
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead-stage specific campaigns
  • Align with sales
After building a strong foundation, the process can really be fine-tuned.

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